33: Putting Your Big Dreams Into Action with Aria Leighty

We all have a Big Idea. A dream that is bigger than a dream, and it just might actually work out. So where do you get your Big Ideas? Do you have a plan in place to make that happen? When push comes to shove, sometimes it takes something, or someone, to help us get our dreams into motion. For an Intense woman, (especially an intense mom), it can be much more daunting to put those ideas to work on your own. We need someone who gets it to encourage us on our adventure.

Aria Leighty is a glitter-loving Mother and Business owner who loves to connect and support other Moms with their Big Ideas. Aria knows a thing or two about controlling the chaos that we Intense Women can sometimes stir up for ourselves. From years of practice honing her fire, Aria has turned her own Big Ideas into the MOB Northwest, a group supporting the efforts of Business Savvy Moms that has been a huge success. Learn from Aria’s experience and be encouraged by her empathy and passion as she and Aurora talk about what it means to make it big!

Also on this week’s episode:

  • Aria describes how her Big Ideas can quickly turn into unorganized chaos.
  • How to harness Mania and Intense Fire in a productive way. Taking time to pause and look at the big ideas.
  • Difficulty in connecting as a child has led to a passion for interconnectedness as an adult.
  • How to find women who will dispel doubts about yourself.
  • Hear about the ways Aria’s Mobile Art Studio impacted her community.
  • Navigate the madness of trying to do too much.
  • Aria demonstrates how she takes her Big Ideas into Realistic Big Ideas.
  • How to encourage others who are fighting the constant battle with Intensity.
  • Opening yourself up to vulnerability can leave you more likely to be hurt. How to rest well!
  • Hear how Mom Business Owners and The MOB have found so much success.
  • Use #bizchampion to support the MOB on social media! You can find a link to the Huffington Post article here and support the MOB NW by sharing!

Aria Recommends:

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Huffington Post article – MOB Mentality: A New Way for Women to Connect and Thrive

The MOB NW Website

@theMOBNW on Instagram.