228: Twice Exceptional Mental Health Advocate and Blogger

I met today’s guest through the neurodivergent community on Twitter. Join us to learn more about his inspiring story.

Joseph Gitau is a writer, singer, and blogger who has been diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar I. With his childhood and youth being spent between his native Kenya and the US, he has a unique perspective about how neurodivergence is treated differently in both countries. Joseph uses his talents to promote mental health throughout his creative outlets.


Show Highlights:

  • Why Joseph is intensely passionate about mental health and the arts

  • How Joseph’s personal brand of intensity includes music and twice-exceptionality

  • How Joseph’s journey of discovery through school was difficult because he was an introvert

  • How the Kenyan tradition of children being “not seen and not heard” was very difficult for Joseph as an ADHD music-lover who always wanted to sing and play music

  • Joseph’s years in Kenya and the US, and how his ADHD and bipolar diagnosis came about

  • How Joseph has to tone himself down–even today

  • How Joseph’s intensity got out of control when he dropped out of university, and he didn’t know what to do next

  • Why Joseph does the important work to break the taboo around ADHD and promote mental health awareness

  • Why Joseph’s writing includes interracial characters

  • How celebrities represent neurodiversity to the world

  • Why society uses labels to put people in different boxes

  • How Joseph came to accept his neurodivergence

  • The mixed feelings around neurodivergence, superpowers, white privilege, and economic privilege

  • How Joseph uses his fire for good through his blog where he talks about the educational system, neurodiversity, and how marginalized people are affected

  • Joseph’s plans for the future

  • How Joseph harnesses the power of his intensity through yoga and learning to balance structure and flexibility

  • Joseph’s parting advice: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Nothing is set in stone except what you did yesterday. Do what’s right by you, and people will respect you.”


Find Joseph Gitau on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.