222: TV Writing, Art, Comics and More with Shadi Petosky

Today’s show is with yet another intriguing person I met on TikTok. I’m especially interested in her experience with twice-exceptionality and the work she’s doing in TV.

Shadi Petosky is an Emmy winner and Wendy’s Employee of the Month-winning TV showrunner. She co-created and showran the Emmy-winning Danger and Eggs for Amazon Prime Video, which was also a Critics Choice and GLAAD nomination. She executive produced Twelve Forever for Netflix and the upcoming live- action, gender-bending sci-fi series Forever Alone with Adaptive Studios. She most recently directed the live-action comedy pilot, Let’s Go Atsuko for Quibi, and her show, Pretty Cursed, is in development at Circle of Confusion TV. She was the animation supervisor for all 72 episodes of the hit show Yo Gabba Gabba.

Shadi Petosky

Show Highlights:

  • Why Shadi is intensely passionate about making stuff like comics, art, games, designs, visual effects, and TV writing

  • Why Shadi’s personal brand of intensity is “clownish with a Willy Wonka vibe”

  • How Shadi grew up living a series of ADHD cliches, being a daydreamer and a nerd later in high school who loved theater and clubs

  • In school, Shadi was bullied a lot and involved in many fights; she stayed in trouble, was an extrovert, and says she was never anyone’s favorite person

  • Cultural factors that affected Shadi include growing up in rural Montana and then a military kid who lived an isolated and classless existence in remote areas

  • Why Shadi’s childhood affected what she thought was possible in pursuing dreams

  • How Shadi didn’t have to tone down or tune herself out as a kid, but has had to learn as an adult to handle conflict, deal with people, and tackle her intense irritability

  • How Shadi has handled her executive functioning issues in managing other people

  • How Shadi uses her fire for good in making TV shows with queer kids and doing fulfilling work that matters, especially when it comes to justice sensitivity

  • What Shadi has noticed about the evolution of TV shows in the representation of trans folks and other marginalized groups

  • How Shadi’s creativity was affected by the pandemic and quarantine

  • How Shadi harnesses the power of her intensity by making lists, going to therapy, DBT, and new medications; she has also tried to cut down on stressful jobs and prioritize leisure time

  • How Shadi helps others use their fire by helping young writers, teaching, and working with kids

  • Why it’s tough to be vulnerable online