218: Strategies for Success with Maaya Hitomi

Today’s show focuses on strategies for success. My guest combines her late-in-life diagnoses, training, and experience to help clients accomplish their goals.

Maaya Hitomi is an ADHD coach and academic strategist who supports ADHD, autistic, and otherwise neurodivergent clients to build strategies for better coping. At Structured Success, Maaya’s own coaching and consultation practice, she builds upon her Master’s training in psychology, her experience as a coach, and her lived experience as a neurodivergent person. Being ADHD, autistic, and dyslexic herself, Maaya credits her academic and professional success to the coping strategies she learned along the way. Focused on collaboratively building individualized coping strategies to support her clients, Maaya helps them make the healthiest thing the easiest thing.

Strategies for Success

Show Highlights:

  • Why Maaya is intensely passionate about giving people tools to understand how their minds work as she teaches coping strategies and learns alongside them

  • How her mom didn’t acknowledge Maaya’s ADHD early on, and her official ADHD, autism, and dyslexia diagnoses didn’t come until her university years

  • In school, Maaya was always seeking to learn more and caused problems because of being bullied and feeling socially awkward

  • Cultural factors that affected Maaya include her privileged upbringing in the suburbs and gifted programs at school

  • Why Maaya’s intensity is less of a problem now because it’s been identified and accepted

  • How Maaya was always “too everything” in elementary school, so she put her head down and spent some lonely years in high school, which was the worst thing she could have done

  • How Maaya’s intensity got out of control when she stood up to a bully and was overwhelmed into shutdown mode–an act that had far-reaching effects

  • How Maaya uses her fire for good by using her personal acceptance and sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients

  • How Maaya has collected “nuggets of truth” along the way and developed coping strategies that she can share with clients

  • How Maaya helps others use their fire by bringing strategies and options to them with which to fashion a workable system


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In elementary school I was repeatedly told that I was too much. So in high school, I just put my head down. ~ Maaya Hitomi

218: Strategies for Success with Maaya Hitomi

My intensity has become more of the context of my life instead of something that controls me. ~ Maaya Hitomi
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