212: Support for Highly Sensitive and Introverted Leaders with Leah Walsh

Today’s show focuses on support for highly sensitive and introverted leaders. Join us to learn more!

Leah Walsh is a speaker and life coach who is motivated by the desire to support conscious and creative people in uncovering their potential and bringing their light into the world. Leah sees every human as a beautiful and unique flower in life’s garden, but she knows that being your own flower can be hard work. It means cultivating a strong mind, deep roots, and a clear heart to allow your flower to grow, adapt, and bloom. Leah’s work as a life coach supports people in these ways. Her signature coaching programs support highly sensitive, neuro-divergent, and introverted leaders to ground their confidence, cultivate deep-rooted belonging, and awaken their unique impact.

Leah Walsh

Show Highlights:

  • Why Leah is intensely passionate about staying grounded, exploring belonging, and speaking truth with honesty and love

  • How Leah grew up in a very neurodivergent family where her parents were supportive of the differences in the way their kids were wired

  • How the culture of service in Leah’s family gave her a profound capacity to feel empathy for others and have a strong bond and connection to the land where she lives

  • How Leah feels and connects through relationships

  • How Leah had to tone herself down when she didn’t have the language to describe what she was going through

  • Why she found ways to give herself permission to be real and authentic

  • How journaling helps Leah identify what she is feeling

  • Why it’s important to tune into your body

  • How Leah uses her fire for good in her life coaching practice

  • Why self-compassion is essential in Leah’s practice as a life coach

  • How Leah works as a “shame extractor”

  • How Leah helps others use their own fire by using the acronym DOES

  • How COVID has cracked open new possibilities

  • How Leah resonates with neurodiversity and how we embrace our beauty and intensity


Leah K. Walsh

Visit Leah’s website for more information on her seasonal meetup, The Brave Intender Club.