205: Twice Exceptionality – When Giftedness Meets ADHD

A couple of weeks ago I participated in an event called Camp ADHD, where folks around the world shared talks and discussion on topics related to ADHD. I spoke about twice-exceptionality, specifically as it relates to ADHD, and the topic seemed to resonate with a lot of folks, so I decided ot share it on the podcast as well!

Twice Exceptionality - When Giftedness Meets ADHD

In this episode:

  • Why the topic of twice exceptionality is important to me.

  • Why it’s important to talk about twice exceptionality.

  • Why it often goes overlooked.

  • How to recognize when you might be both gifted and ADHD.

  • Common themes from assessing 2E ADHD students.

  • Strategies that might help if you fit this profile.


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