204: Building Platforms and Courses for Mission-Driven Women with Dusti Arab

My guest today is twice exceptional and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. She’s super vocal about many things, including social justice, dressing up as Elsa for storytime, and showcasing her great style. Fortunately for me, she lives in my area, so I hope to meet her in person very soon!

Dusti Arab is an entrepreneur and writer who leads the reinvention co., a boutique marketing agency specializing in building platforms and courses for mission-driven women. Dusti is currently writing a book, Braver Than Before: A Roadmap for Investigating Big Life Changes.


Show Highlights:

  • How Dusti is intensely passionate about–everything she believes in! She loves to make sure people have access to what they need, including music and art

  • Her personal brand of intensity includes being opinionated, drawing the right people closer, and setting boundaries

  • How Dusti’s late ADHD diagnosis and twice-exceptionality manifested themselves in her drive to be an overachiever

  • Why Dusti’s company is called the reinvention co.

  • How Dusti grew up in Oregon, in a very white, very backwoods family in which race issues weren’t acceptable to talk about

  • How Dusti loved to escape into another person through musical theater

  • How she looked for other role models other than her mother and even tried a conservative Baptist church that resulted in her atheistic views

  • How her intensity was out of control in her erratic job history and string of unfinished business projects

  • How she went through postpartum depression, which resulted in the most intensity in her life

  • How Dusti uses her fire for good in working with people and firms who help women and minorities get elected, along with bridging gaps caused by systematic injustice

  • How Dusti learned to manage herself through a productivity system

  • How Dusti is busy finishing the first draft of her book

  • Personal habits that help with her intensity are getting enough exercise and time-blocking

  • Regarding advice, Dusti admits that she was told a lot of things over the years that weren’t true–and she realizes it now

  • Books that were helpful for Dusti: The Awakening by Kate Chopin and Everything in its Place by Dan Charnas

  • How Dusti works as an amplifier and connector to build a platform to help women spread their big ideas

  • Dusti’s upcoming event on January 22


Find out more about Dusti and her work:   The Reinvention

Certified theatre music kid here. So my favorite thing to do was escape into another person because it was very, very easy. ~ Dusti Arab

Building Platforms and Courses for Mission-Driven Women with Dusti Arab
I would just hit the top of the learning curve and I would get bored and then I would go find something else to do. ~ Dusti Arab