200: Leadership, Parenting, and Teaching with Mr. Chazz

Today’s guest made quite an impression on me when I found him on TikTok. His specialty is self-regulation, and he has found inspiring ways to teach his techniques to teachers and parents. Join us to learn more.

Chazz Lewis, aka “Mr. Chazz,” is a preschool teacher who currently focuses his talents on teaching teachers to teach. He’s a mentor and motivational speaker who also hosts the podcast, Mr. Chazz’s Leadership, Parenting, and Teaching.


Show Highlights:

  • Why Mr. Chazz is intensely passionate about becoming the best version of himself and helping others do the same

  • Why Mr. Chazz teaches self-regulation to parents and teachers

  • Why we need to be careful to not “crush” someone’s superpower

  • How Mr. Chazz’s personal brand of intensity means being in flow with his natural superpowers and giving and receiving energy from others

  • How Mr. Chazz struggled in school, was always trying to catch up, and took ADHD medications that made him feel constricted

  • The interpersonal battle over what people wanted for him vs. what he wanted as his own success

  • How cultural factors affected how Mr. Chazz expressed himself, especially within the framework of his private Catholic school with a very specific discipline and structure

  • The #1 lesson Mr. Chazz has learned: we need to adapt the way we teach to the way children learn instead of expecting them to adapt to the way we teach

  • How Mr. Chazz has to tone down his curiosity by decreasing the number of questions he asks

  • How Mr. Chazz has learned to know his likely triggers in certain situations so he can plan to pause and create a safe environment for his emotions

  • How Mr. Chazz harnesses the power of his intensity through journaling and goal setting

  • How Mr. Chazz helps others use their fire for good by helping them identify their fire

  • The importance of finding your WHY–no matter how the circumstances change

  • Final words from Mr. Chazz: “Spend a lot of time figuring out who you are and what lights you up.”


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"Your challenge is to figure out what your superpowers are and how to hone those." ~ Mr. Chazz
Leadership, Parenting and Teaching with Mr. Chazz
"I had an interpersonal battle all through childhood against what other people wanted for me." ~ Mr. Chazz