195: Celebrating 4 Years!

We are celebrating our 4th anniversary, 101K downloads! At this rate, I’ll make 200K in ½ the time! Keep sharing and listening so the message of Embracing Intensity can spread to those who need it!

For this week’s special episode, I asked audience and community members to share “What does Embracing Intensity mean to me?” I left it deliberately open ended, and got a wonderful variety of answers ranging from the meaning of the phrase, to the importance of the community.

What does Embracing Intensity mean to you?

In this episode:

  • Celebrating intensity, and harnessing its power.

  • Tuning in to the messages of our intense feelings.

  • Finding community that not only accepts, but appreciates your differences.


Embracing Intensity Community

Leah K Walsh Coaching

Jeff’s Peer Support Page

Tiffany’s Lucy in the Sky: Therapy with a Pen

Mezclados Studio

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