185: Approach Each Day with Creativity and Humor with Lisa Brumm

Today’s show features a guest who approaches every day with creativity and humor. She’s a financial expert who embraces her intensity and has the answer to your money questions.

Lisa Brumm and I met a few years ago when she spoke at an event. She is an active member of my online community, so we regularly connect and meet at local networking events around the Portland area. Lisa’s company, My Financial Girlfriend, has offices in Portland and Los Angeles. Lisa offers a shame-free zone to help women with all areas of their finances and leave them with a newfound sense of hope and relief about money and life.

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Show Highlights:

  • Lisa’s intense passion around travel, the Pacific Northwest, family, and her business that educates and empowers women with financial literacy

  • How Lisa’s personal brand of intensity stems from a bent toward humor and a voice that doesn’t hold back; her inner drive to make things better leads her to ask questions to bring perspective to a male-dominated profession

  • How Lisa learned as a kid to use humor to deflect bullying

  • Culturally, Lisa as a kid was “a rare bird,” a girl who loved math and science

  • How Lisa’s parents encouraged her to use unique personal expression, but she learned to tone down her opinions and control her emotions to preserve friendships

  • How Lisa uses her fire to lobby for consensus

  • How parenting challenges with her two kids sometimes prompted her intensity to get out of control

  • How Lisa dealt with the learning diversity in her family with creativity and acceptance

  • How Lisa harnesses the power of her intensity by being persistent and tenacious and taking things at face value

  • Why the division of work in Lisa’s household is a little unconventional

  • The best advice Lisa ever received relates to raising kids; she learned to “Let them be” as far as exploring and figuring out the world

  • A book to recommend: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

  • How Lisa helps others by giving people a safe, non-judgmental space to see what they haven’t seen before, especially as it relates to financial literacy

  • Final words from Lisa: “Own your intensity, whatever it might be. There is room for everyone in this world.”


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"Own your intensity, whatever it might be. There is room for everyone in this world." ~ Lisa Brumm
Approach Each Day with Creativity & Humor with Lisa Brumm
"I want to get involved and be part of the solution." ~ Lisa Brumm