Ignite 11: Assertiveness & Owning Your Power!


I’m betting that you’re the type that often puts other people’s needs before your own.  Am I right?  The happiness of others makes you happy, so this only makes sense.

But what happens when your own needs aren’t getting met?  Do you get cranky, crash or feel resentful?

I don’t propose that you stop taking care of others because, who are we kidding, that is never going to happen.  It’s an integral part of who you are and that’s one of the things we love about you.

Here’s the thing though, if you are always putting other people’s needs in front of yours without communicating your own, you are not doing them any favors.

In this workbook on Owning Your Power, we talk about how to communicate assertively instead of passively or aggressively.

In this workbook we’ll cover:

  • Understanding why you need to speak up.

  • Owning your power through assertiveness.

  • Effectively managing conflict

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Details: 22 page PDF with color and low ink versions

About the Ignite Your Power Series!

Ignite Your Power is a workbook series and course to help gifted, creative and outside the box thinkers improve their self regulation skills so they can use their fire without getting burned! The needs of twice exceptional, gifted and neurodivergent, adults often get overlooked, leaving them pushing themselves to fit into mold that wasn’t meant for them. Ignite Your Power helps you find the strengths in your gifted and neurodivergent intensities and find ways to use your strengths and create systems to support your challenges.

Praise for Ignite Your Power!

Lana, “I like the STAR process because it’s an answer to “I am feeling lost, what can I do right now? Becoming aware of what my sensitivities and excitabilities are has changed the way I approach my days. I give myself more rest and plan my tasks in a way that honors who I am.”

Sarah, “I just finished reading Workbook 2 and am super excited to use the exercises with my boyfriend as we navigate moving to a new country together! Lots of excitement, lots of intensity, and plenty of superpowers!! Thank you for creating such a GREAT workbook, Aurora! I also just really like workbooks and yours are potent, well written, concise, and actually easy to WORK WITH. So, keep doing what you do!”

Anne-Louise, “I’ve read the second workbook and I found it to be very well organized and well written. It flowed beautifully (in my opinion). You did an excellent job of defining terms and concepts, making those concepts accessible and understandable, and then structuring them in actionable ways. I could also relate to the material on a personal level and felt that what is contained there is hugely beneficial to your audience/those you are seeking to help.”

Gina, “Thank you for letting me read this! There is a good amount of helpful information and activities for someone to work through this topic. I appreciated the flow and balance between reading and doing.”