216: From Taking up Space to Channeling Your Powers with Landon Young

April 12, 2021 auroraremember

Have you ever felt like you were taking up too much space? My guest today shares how he moved from talking up space wherever he went to channeling his own unique powers to bring out the best in others. Join us!

Landon Young is someone I met on TikTok, which is unique as a social media platform that allows people to connect across social groups that might not normally interact. Landon describes himself as a “regular guy” who enjoys what he does as a North American Digital Brand Manager at Nike.

Show Highlights:

  • Why Landon is intensely passionate about sneakers, storytelling, his dream job at Nike, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and daughter

  • How Landon’s personal brand of intensity includes empathy and passion as someone who is relentless and focused on the process

  • Growing up, Landon was always labeled as gifted and was supported by his parents

  • How Landon overcompensated for his issues with giftedness before medication helped him find balance

  • How cultural factors affected Landon as he grew up in a Mormon home; he had a strong desire to excel but didn’t know how to process and regulate emotions

  • How Landon finds joy in discovering connections with others

  • How Landon has to tone himself down frequently–something he didn’t know how to do when he was younger: “I took up too much space and didn’t know how to channel my superpowers.”

  • How Landon learned to recognize the moments when he tends to get out of control

  • How Landon uses his fire for good as an “energy giver,” which he feels is his calling in life

  • How Landon loves helping others at Nike as he teaches retail employees about new products and innovations and creates campaigns for product launches

  • Habits that help Landon harness the power of his intensity include meditation, lots of water, and healthy supplements

  • How Landon benefitted from the book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown

  • How Landon helps others with true leadership, which is recognizing their potential, tapping into it, and finding what they are good at

  • Landon’s parting advice: “Learn to acknowledge and leverage your ADHD in ways that build up your life with a superpower for balance and happiness. “

Where to Find Landon:

 Instagram: @HeyitsLando

 Tik-Tok – @heyitslando90

I’m having to learn to be just as intense about not being intense.  ~ Landon Young

From Taking Up Space to Channeling Your Powers w/ Landon Young

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