137: Program Your Life for Success with Rachel O’Rourke

July 29, 2019
July 29, 2019 auroraremember

How can you use your sensitivity and intuition to program your life for success? Today’s show is about how we find more happiness, achievement, and transformation by focusing on the right things. We will also learn how each of us can make a positive impact on the world by committing to small, everyday actions.

Rachel O’Rourke is the owner of O’Rourke Media, a marketing agency for innovative, e-commerce-based startup companies. She’s also the founder and CEO of SPARK Global, an event company that facilitates self-development summits dedicated to supporting women who are ready to show up in the world. Rachel has done amazing things building community events such as SPARK Live, which I’ll be attending this fall. In her upcoming book, 27 Things, Rachel shares the 27 things that are holding women back from making their lives extraordinary and the action steps to take to spark a major shift in each area. Her podcast, Flawed Females, released in May of this year. You can hear Rachel and co-host Lizzie Keith as they captivate you with their conversations.

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Show Highlights:

  • The whirlwind of events over the last two years–ever since Rachel left the corporate job she hated

  • Why she is passionate about what is possible for women that they don’t even realize

  • How women have been programmed in certain ways that can be changed to bring more happiness, achievement, and transformation

  • The difference in conscious vs. subconscious programming

  • Why Rachel believes focus goes hand-in-hand with success and that we need to be sensitive and intuitive to our bodies and to what the universe tells us

  • As Rachel grew up, she was unaware of what her mind and body were trying to say

  • The need to impress on kids the intensity of their focus

  • How Rachel as a younger person felt like she needed to tone down and not shine too brightly

  • What women tell themselves about going after jobs and accomplishments

  • How Rachel’s obsessive nature can get out of control and lead to her not taking care of herself and her family

  • How Rachel commits daily to making a positive impact in the world with small actions

  • How meditation helps Rachel harness the power of her intensity

  • How Rachel uses visualization to see what she wants to come to fruition

  • The best advice she received: “Protect your energy and set boundaries.”

  • Books that have helped Rachel: You Are a Badass and The Path Made Clear

  • How Rachel helps others realize it only takes one small thing to spark a fire

  • Why Rachel has consistent rituals each day to keep her fire and focus going: meditation, visualization, and consumption of high vibrational content in books and podcasts

  • Why you should protect your environment to keep vibrating at a high level

  • The upcoming 3rd Annual SPARK Summit in Portland in September


Rachel’s website:  Rachel O’Rourke

Find Rachel on Facebook and Instagram

Find out about the SPARK Summit: The Spark Events

27 Things by Rachel O’Rourke

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

Surround yourself with people who are  doing positive things in the world. ~ Rachel O'Rourke

Program Your Life for Success

It's amazing what we can accomplish when our energy is focused on one thing. ~ Rachel O'Rourke

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