114: Harnessing Your Power

February 18, 2019
February 18, 2019 auroraremember

This week on Embracing Intensity, I’m sharing the first lesson of my Ignite Your Power Course. In this lesson, we will observe our own powers, get clear on how to harness them and develop a “power toolkit” to help harness them more. You can find the full group discussion and other materials related to the lesson in the Embracing Intensity Community

Harnessing Your Power!

In this episode, I discuss: 

  • The 5 types of excitability.

  • How do your excitabilities look when suppressed, out of control and harnessed?

  • Tips for harnessing each excitability.

  • Improving your self-regulation skills.

  • What it looks like when you are “in the zone.”

  • Developing a Power Toolkit.


Firmina Foundation

Ignite Your Power Course

Embracing Intensity Community


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