89: Thriving in the Zig Zag World of ADHD with Clinton Fetters

July 23, 2018
July 23, 2018 auroraremember

Do you suffer from ADHD and feel that it holds you back from reaching your full potential? Today we have Clinton Fetters on the show and he, as a husband and father, really understands how hard it is to feel that everyone else wants you to be linear, in a zig-zag world. Clinton would really love to live in a world where adults with ADHD can come out from the shadows and share their greatness with everyone around them. Listen in today to find out what he has to share.

Clinton works in a lumberyard by day, as a supervisor. He also aims to help adults with ADHD reach their potential through his personal brand, Distractonaut. In his free time, you will find him watching horror movies with his wife, playing board games with his daughter, or over-analyzing something in the corner! Recently, Clinton threw caution to the wind and began challenging himself daily, by creating talking videos on Instagram. Listen in to find out more.


More in this episode:

  • Clinton explains what he is intensely passionate about.

  • What caused Clinton to look deeper into himself and start Distractonaut.

  • Adjusting to, and coping with change when carving a path of your own.

  • What Clinton’s particular brand of intensity looks like.

  • How Clinton’s intensity affected him while growing up.

  • Why it’s difficult sometimes for people with ADHD to be identified as gifted.

  • Cultural factors that affected Clinton while growing up.

  • Clinton’s conscious decision to force his parents to send him to school.

  • How Clinton managed to intentionally tone himself down, over the years.

  • How much Clinton accidentally lost, from trying to fit into a mold.

  • The doubts and fears that Clinton experienced when he was first married.

  • Lessons that he learned about open communication in a relationship.

  • A lesson that Clinton learned about controlling his impulses.

  • How Clinton uses his fire for good.

  • How practicing meditation has really worked for Clinton.

  • The benefits of keeping a journal.

  • A book that Clinton keeps coming back to.

  • How Clinton helps other people to use their fire.

  • For the worksheet that Clinton has created for people who struggle with taking the next step, go to his website distractonaut.com


Aurora’s website: Embracing Intensity

Clinton’s website: www.distractonaut.com


Book mentioned on the show: The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

Transcript Available – Unedited

"I have always felt like there's a lot more out there." ~ Clinton Fetters on Embracing Intensity Podcast

Thriving in the Zig Zag World of ADHD with Clinton Fetters

"As much as you want to do your own thing, there is a comfort in someone else telling you what the rules are." ~ Clinton Fetters on Embracing Intensity Podcast

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