59: Healing From Wounds and Trauma in Order Embrace Your Identity With Melissa Danielle

November 20, 2017
November 20, 2017 auroraremember

A message for any woman who has felt marginalized, shut down, or shut out: you are not alone in this world. Today, I have for you a message of empowerment and strength from a new connection, Melissa Danielle. Embracing Intensity is all about bringing together women from all stages and walks of life to share their perspective on what it means to be an Intense or Excitable Woman. It is such a treat to have Melissa on the show today because she brings a breath of life and perspective we haven’t explored as much on the podcast.  Melissa is a coach, advocate, and podcaster who speaks to the wounds and setbacks women face due to flaws in the system. Her podcast, All the Things with Melissa Danielle, deals with issues like sexism, the Mother Wound, feminine energy, and rediscovering identity head-on. Her episode “Diary of a Too Much Woman” really caught Aurora’s attention. Melissa is on a mission to show women they are as great as they dare to be, while also giving them tools to fully express their innermost desires.

As a guest today, Melissa candidly shares her wild passions, her hardest challenges, and her brave explorations into what it means to be a woman. She will also dive into unique cultural challenges she faces as a black American woman, healing from wounds and trauma as a result of cultural stigmas, and how she has learned to embrace her identity. Are you prepared to fight for your sense of self? Give this episode a listen and see what you’ve been missing.

More in this episode:

  • Melissa shares her dynamic life that arose from her multiple passions and joys.

  • Ways that women can help each other shine and show up.

  • Knowing our cycles and listening to our bodies is a great way to embrace intensity.

  • Our bodies react to the experiences that shape us. Melissa explains how the body holds onto trauma.

  • Cultural conditioning based on race and gender can take their toll on your physical and emotional health.

  • Labels, identity, and showing up as who you are in society.

  • Melissa shares the times where she felt too big and too much.

  • Combining training and her own inner work, Melissa coaches women to embrace their power and integrity.

  • Ways to explore the feminine energies.

  • Advice for handling life and getting what you want, and habits for using your fire.

  • Truth and Desire Lab, plus other ways Melissa can help you use your fire.

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