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April 10, 2017
April 10, 2017 auroraremember

I’m sharing an extra blog post tutorial today because this doesn’t fit in my regular blog format, but I’m too excited not to share!

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who gets exited about creating and problem solving, but fizzles out when it comes to maintenance. That’s why keeping up a consistent social media calendar can be exhausting. I had a good thing going for a while on Twitter sharing 4 posts a day through the Buffer app, but it was getting cumbersome to have to go between feeds and drag the different posts around so they aren’t in a big clump of the same type of post. Needless to say, the bored by maintenance part of me was getting tired of this routine. 

The thing I hate about Twitter is that it’s like trying to be heard in a loud busy bar, the thing I love about it though is that it gives the chance to share lots of great content from other podcasters and bloggers. 

I got curious about the potential of the social media sharing app Meet Edgar for it’s ability to recycle your evergreen content on an ongoing basis. Having several year’s worth of blog posts and months worth of podcasts, having to repost them over and over again is a pain. Unfortunately, Meet Edgar was out of my price range, so I continued to look at other options.  I discovered two recurring evergreen post apps that might fit the bill – Recurpost and SmarterQueue. For my purposes, I chose Recurpost because they have a free version that allows for a library of up to 100 recurring posts and up to 3 social profiles. This way, I can upgrade to the $25 a month plan when I need a bigger library and/or my paid version of Buffer runs out. 

In order to meet my needs for both recurring posts and updated shared content of other podcasters and bloggers, I’m using a combination of three apps – Recurpost, Buffer and Feedly. It takes a little bit to set up, but once it’s up I can do my social media posts in a few minutes a week! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.17.52 AM.png

Twitter – I like to alternate my own content with blogs and podcasts of people I follow and people who I’ve interviewed on my Embracing Intensity Podcast. Doing these in chunks in Buffer was working, but then I had to drag stuff around so you didn’t get a whole bunch of the same type of post at once. Also, Buffer limits each RSS feed of other people’s content to 15 per  social profile so I was jumping back and forth between feeds. For my recurring posts, I have combination of blog posts, podcasts, quote images from podcasts (originally created in Instagram and formatted for twitter), and silly gif video images from my most popular blog post 25 Things Only a Highly Excitable Person Would Understand

Facebook – For simplicity sake, I was only posting to my Facebook page once a day, but now that sharing other people’s posts is so easy with Feedly, I’m trying two posts a day – with extra posts from people I’ve interviewed on the podcast. I have regular daily themes in my League of Excitable Women Facebook Group, so I put those in Recurpost so all I have to remember is to switch up the Thursday question. 

Instagram – This one is a little more complicated since I need to create new content consistently. Over the last few months I’ve experimented with an order that allowed me to share podcasts and quotes and took advantage of all the lovely garden photos that my husband and I share on our personal Instagram profiles. Since the grid I came up with that I like moves in a pattern of 4, I post 8 pictures on a good week (and let myself post only 4 when things get a little crazy). I’m starting to sort through my quote images so I can start reworking them into the grid over time. I don’t mind a little extra time dedicated to images since the creation part is the part I enjoy. Instagram is weird about letting other apps post to it, so it doesn’t automatically post from Buffer, but will give you a reminder at the time of posting and upload the picture and copy the text for you so it’s all ready to post and run. 

The Set Up

Buffer – The free Buffer Plan allows you to schedule up to 10 posts per profile for one profile per platform. For $10 a month (or less if you pay annually), you can up that to 100 posts per profile and up to 10 profiles. If I were using the free version, I would have to pop-in mid week to fill in the twitter feed, but it only takes a couple of minutes to do in Feedly. Under the “Schedule” tab, I clicked on the “Try our Optimal Timing Tool,” to come up with best times of day to post. I picked two times for Buffer and two times for Recurpost that alternate. Since the free version of Recurpost does not allow for video posts, I also manually scheduled 1-2 video posts for my 25 things gifs in Buffer. Once I upgrade, I can put those in a library for evergreen content.  

Feedly – I started using Feedly a few months ago when I was experimenting with creating an app and I wanted a feed of posts from people I’ve interviewed. I only recently realized that it is super easy to post to either Buffer or Hootsuite directly from Feedly! I set up two feeds – one of people I’ve interviewed and one of other people I follow with helpful content. To view the most at once and quickly share, select the “Title-Only View.” Then you can hover over the title and it will give you options of where to share it. When you select the Buffer icon, it will give you the options of which profiles to share it on. If you are sharing on Twitter, you can tag the person who’s post you are sharing (Facebook doesn’t work for tagging in Buffer yet, but I can edit the post after if I want to go back and tag). 

Recurpost* – Recurpost allows you to create different libraries with different types of content. The free version allows for two RSS feeds, so I follow my blog feed and my podcast feed. All other feeds I follow in Feedly. Using the “Optimal Times” I got from Buffer, I set up a post schedule of evergreen content that alternates with the Buffer post times. For my consistent Facebook Group daily themes, I created a “library” of one post for each day so that the same post goes out each week. I vary the “Thoughtful Thursday” question, so I’ll note in my weekly to-do to update the post. You can add to each “library” through your RSS feeds, individually or by copying and pasting in bulk. 

* Note that it takes up to 24 hours for your Recurpost schedule to take effect, so don’t be alarmed that it doesn’t start posting the moment you set it up. 

My Weekly To-Do

  • Open Feedly and add 14 posts to Twitter and 7 to Facebook Page feed in Buffer (for the free plan, Twitter allows up to 10 posts, so you’d have to go back quickly mid-week, or you could just space out the 10 posts through the week).

  • Update Facebook Thursday question.

  • Add this week’s blog and podcast to Linkedin and Pinterest.

  • Create 4-8 Instagram images and put in Buffer queue.

  • Manually add 2 video posts in Twitter and 1 in Facebook for 25 things posts (this can also be done monthly if there’s room in queue)

  • Add new posts to Recurpost library.

Whew! It seems like a lot when I look at it here in one place, but trust me, once it’s set up it will save a TON of time on the maintenance end. If anything here is difficult to follow, feel free to message me and I can try to clarify. Getting my scattered brain on to paper can be a challenge, so hopefully it is laid out clearly. 

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  1. Thank you for mentioning RecurPost. We appreciate it a lot.

    Also, we have changed our scheduling a little now. You don’t need to wait 24 hours any more. Your scheduled posts will be visible to you right away.

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