Lessons Learned From Our Intense Kids

March 6, 2017 auroraremember

This week’s interview is with Carolyn K of the Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page. Carolyn and I both share that we learned so much about ourselves through our kids and have made it our missions to share those lessons with the world for anyone who might benefit from them. 

My son is so very much a combination of both parent’s intensities, both the amazing and the exasperating. At almost 9, he has come a very long way in self-understanding, but is still occasionally challenged by the intensity of his feelings about things. 

My greatest challenge as a parent is supporting his big feelings while also not encouraging him to take them out on other people. This is an ongoing process. 

It got me thinking about how we do this as adults. How do we process our intense feelings without taking them out on other people?

I believe many of us try to stuff it deep inside or avoid conflict all together, but these methods are bound to come back in some way eventually, whether in a verbal explosion, physical symptoms or feelings of resentment. 

Another strategy that might work for a while is to carefully orchestrate your life to avoid the big stressors. This can backfire as well though because we can’t control all aspects of life, so when something unexpected happens we may be unprepared. 

I believe the answer lies somewhere in a combination of tools that enable us to be more selective in what we let into our lives while also building up our toolkit of strategies for dealing with stress and draining events when they occur. 

This is where my Ignite Your Power Group Program was born from, and I am so glad to be going through it again. 

Two years ago, when I last offered it as a group program, I was working part time and on track toward my purpose of helping intense women balance their energy and connect with their own power. The following school year, however, I had to go back to my day job more and took on a challenging job, which was highly draining. As I took on the new school year this year, I had renewed energy and launched my podcast. The last few months though, I’ve felt drained by the current political climate and winter blahs.

Watching my own son navigate his complex emotions and stress responses, with more eloquence than he has been able to express in the past, has reinvigorated me to set an example of how we are not victims of our circumstances if we can use the tools that we have on hand to bounce back. 

There’s still time to join my Ignite Your Power Group Program if you sign up before our first call on Saturday March 11th at 10:00 AM Pacific! We will be working together on building up our tools to connect with our superpowers, balance our energy and feel more accomplished toward our purpose!


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