The World Needs Your Superpowers!

February 11, 2017
February 11, 2017 auroraremember

Are you trying to serve from an empty cup? 

In this week’s interview with Giovanna Rossi, of the podcast Well Woman Life, we talked about how intense women are often constantly giving, but draining themselves in the process. 

As Giovanna said, “It’s like trying to serve from an empty cup, and there’s nothing there to give. We have so much to give in the world and we’re producing so much externally that we have to take care of our internal self and our energy levels and our power.”

This is true more now than ever as the world around seems to be determined to drain our cups dry. 

I am convinced that intensity is the superpower that will change the world!

My sister has a bumper sticker that says “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich). This is because it is the passionate and driven who really make a difference. 

However, it is also the passionate and driven who are prone to crash and burn if they don’t refill their cups. If your cup is dry, you can’t make the difference you were meant to so let’s keep that cup full!

My goal is to help harness that intensity in a positive direction so you don’t get caught up in the stress spiral and burn out. This week, I am starting a free 7-day challenge to help balance your stress and energy levels so that you can use your superpowers like they were meant to be used. 

In my 7-day Ignite Your Power challenge, we will dive deep into your stress and energy balance so that you can harness the power of your intensity instead of burning out or spinning your wheels. Here’s a brief overview of what we will cover – using the STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Request) process:

Stop – Today we will talk about how to get out of your head and into your body so you can feel the early signs of stress and energy imbalance.

Think – Over the next 5 days we will go over the 5 areas of stress and energy balance (physical, emotional, mental, social, connective) and identify what they look like for you. 

Act – On the final day we will talk about what you should say “no” to so that you can say “yes” to the things that nourish you.

Request – Throughout the challenge, you can call on the group for support, questions or celebration!

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