15: Enjoying the Gift of Intensity with Jess Ryan

January 16, 2017
January 16, 2017 auroraremember

Are you searching for that Thing? You know the Thing: that knowledge of where you are intensely passionate and uniquely gifted. Maybe it’s a project that sets you on fire, or a place that gives you clarity and insight into who you are. Have you found that yet? Sometimes, it can seem like your own Intense nature is holding you back from finding your sense of self, but Aurora’s guest is going to change the way you think about that. 

Jessica Ryan is a life coach, blogger, yoga instructor, and champion of the Embracing Intensity ideal. She is intensely passionate about helping you find the real You through spiritual practices, bodywork, and holistic coaching designed with You in mind. Get inspired by Jessica this week and she and Aurora talk through the ups and downs in life, and the ways Jessica has found a way to truly embrace her own Intensity. 

More this week on “Embracing Intensity”:

  • Hear how Jessica helps women find peace through major transitions in life.

  • Can intensity be a way of truly connecting with people?

  • Jessica reminds us of the importance of family on our embracing intensity journey

  • Learn healthy ways to process chronic pain as Jessica shares her healing journey.

  • See the importance of body awareness

  • Learn simple lifestyle ideas to ground your life and free your intense spirit

  • Discover the few simple practices that can change the way you view your emotions.

  • Find out how to get Jessica’s free Chakra Guide to unlock your mental potential.

Jessica Recommends

Language of Emotion by Karla McLaren

Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin


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