02: Relieving the Terror of “The Void” with Wendy Holthaus

October 19, 2016
October 19, 2016 auroraremember

How do you escape “the Void?” Do you numb yourself to it with distractions and addictions, or do you stare over the edge brave and unafraid? Wendy Holthaus, this week’s guest on “Embracing Intensity,” has spent much of her life trying to drown out the terror of the void. Clinging to relationships, addictions, and her own insecurities, Wendy realized that much of what she was missing was her own sense of self-assuredness. Listen to hear Wendy’s inspiring story, and find out how she, through her own self-exploration in Excitability, is now helping many women ditch codependency and addiction, and live fulfilled in their own inner strength. 


Join Aurora and Wendy as they discuss: 

  • Wendy’s own personal journey, growing up as “a square peg in a round peg family.”

  • Learn how Wendy went from feeling like it was wrong to be highly sensitive, to understanding and harnessing her own intensity.

  • See how Wendy learned to appreciate her excitability, and how you can learn to appreciate your own unique brand too.

  • Know the ways we so easily try to fill the void and numb ourselves from excitement.

  • Obtain your copy of the Brave Girl Manifesto, and get Wendy’s advice for women struggling to take back and take over responsibility for their own choices.

  • Join Wendy and her crusade for “Kick Ass Recovery.”


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Wendy Recommends 

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson 

~ Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 02: Relieving the Terror of "The Void" with Wendy Holthaus

Learn to appreciate your excitability and not push it away. Harness the good stuff that comes from it. ~ Wendy Holthaus on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 02

She was a square peg in a world of round ones. Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 02 with Wendy Holthaus

I now feel lucky in life that I am more aware than somebody that is not as intense. ~ Wendy Holthaus on Embracing Intensity Podcast ep. 02

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