Embracing Chaos

December 30, 2014
December 30, 2014 auroraremember

As the holidays approached, I saw so many blog posts in my inbox on how to survive the stress of the holidays. I believe I did alright for my self in that regard this year.

I mean sure, I did have a little moment of panic when winter break began and I hadn’t done anything toward preparing my house for our annual family party or making gifts for anyone. But I had a plan, and it was doable.

Holidays have not always been so easy for me. Getting my excitable family together for the holidays is sort of like herding cats. Trying to get everyone to come to consensus and move toward anything is a challenge. Also, we have a tendency to spread out with stuff finishing our last minute gifts. And planning ahead? Well now that’s not likely for most of us. This is all understandable when you get so many creative minded folks together.

The problem comes when you push against it and expect it to be any other way.

One of my most enjoyable holidays came at a most unexpected time.  It was my first Christmas after divorce with a colicky infant. I had moved into a new house days before family came from out of town and a blizzard hit right after they arrived.  Fortunately, my sister lived within walking distance so we split our time going between the two.

I was fully prepared for a hair raising holiday, but instead I just embraced the chaos.

Now I can’t say I don’t get a little testy now and then around the holidays, but I don’t tend to carry it with me as much as I used to.

By embracing the chaos, I can fully appreciate the love and acceptance that my family has to give!

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